My long fight with food

I’ve been a self-diagnosed bulimic for 4 years now. I’ve never really talked to anyone about this but the pain gets unbearable day by day. I’m hoping by sharing my story, I will find some help. I’m interested in hearing people’s responses that would help me deal with this. It started back in Form 2. […]

How to heal from emotional injuries.

An emotional injury damages the attachment to the injurer, and damages the injured’s sense of self. The emotional injury can usually be named. It feels like a violation or betrayal of trust and happens within an ongoing relationship. Examples of emotional injuries are: abandonment, betrayal, neglect, humiliation, shaming and violation. How can you resolve emotional […]

Dark Clouds, Blue Sky

I never realised I am mentally ill until I was prescribed anti-depressants & anti-psychotics. I had always thought my condition was normal- emotions and negative thoughts. It’s really hard to identify the start of the dark journey because I had been feeling that way for a very long time. I had no idea why I […]

My life is beautiful despite OCD

Arshad is my name! Shad, if you can’t pronounce it fully, but I do like my name. Its Arabic meaning “Most Honest, Best Guided, or/and Most Wise. (Thanks Mak, Ayah.) I am 25 years old, a Chartered Accountant (in the making), Formula One enthusiast, Sports Photographer, and most recently, a Mental Health Activist with ‘Minda Initiative’ […]

The reasonable response to mental illness and violent crimes

By Dr. Chua Sook Ning Mental illness is often brought up as a possible cause when an incomprehensible violent crime is committed. The authorities usually just say “mental illness”  without further explanation or specification. Here are just some recent cases in Malaysia where the authorities have implicated mental illness: Assault and arson ( Gun violence […]

Discovering ADHD

I recently realized that all my fantastic multitasking skills, impulsive behaviors, my high level of constant boredom was not normal but might be due to inattention. I am highly distractible and the “zone” people refer to remains a mystery to me.It never bothered me much before, I just thought I needed to put in more […]

A journey and a new start

  Aku terkedu bila mendapat message di phone aku. Message dari sahabat baik aku menghentam aku dan mengingatkan aku kenapa hidup aku ni tak guna di hantar bertubi-tubi sampai kemurungan aku yang aku berjaya kawal selama beberapa hari ni terus terganggu. Aku dah cuba kawal mental dan emosi aku yang rapuh akibat banyak faktor. “Cacat. […]

Relentless thoughts

I’ve been spending late nights outside lately, trying to delay going home as much as possible. Trying to delay being alone, because being alone is being with the devil. Whispering lies to my ears, lies that I know isn’t true. But what drives me insane is not because I believe those lies, but because it […]

Mental health in prison

By Dr. Chua Sook Ning In the past week, there has been a great deal of attention on the incarceration of certain prominent activists, leading many Malaysians to protest against SOSMA and its application. Since 2000, the prison population in Malaysia has doubled and many of these offenders do not have anyone to speak up on their […]


To donate, please click here: The 2015 National Health and Morbidity Survey found that 1 in 3 Malaysians are suffering from a mental health problem. There are only 1 psychologist and 1 psychiatrist per 100000 people. That absolutely blows my mind. There are very few mental health resources in Malaysia, and in particular for Bahasa Malaysia speaking individuals.   30% […]

Is mental illness fashionable?

Mental illness is not “madness“. By Dr. Chua Sook Ning It is not just being misunderstood. Mental illness causes distress and impairs someone’s functioning in important areas of his/her life. Perhaps there are a blessed few who are able to use their illnesses to achieve great heights but most people suffering from a mental illness are […]

Ask me Anything on World Mental Health Day!

Ask me Anything on World Mental Health Day! 10th October 2016, 8pm – 10pm (MYT) on Reddit. I am a clinical psychologist working in Malaysia. I started an organization called RELATE that aims to promote the importance of mental health, decrease the stigma of mental illness and normalize psychotherapy as mental health treatment. Other noteworthy information […]

National Mental Health Strategic Action Plan announced

With the sharp increase of mental health problems, the ministry of Health is planning to  come up with a National Mental Health Strategic Action Plan. It is intended to be a comprehensive plan that puts programs and strategies to “tackle the problem”. It is unclear what the government conceptualises as the problem. The government does intend to increase awareness […]

Mental illness prevalence increase

The numbers are out – 30% of Malaysians are suffering from a mental health problem. In 2011, the Ministry of Health reported that every 1 in 10 Malaysians suffer from a mental health problem and today, the research shows that it is 1 in every 3 Malaysians. Read more at