We are a community-based organisation that is committed to:

  1. Accessible evidence-based mental health treatment to Malaysians.
  2. The training of clinical psychologists who are able to provide and apply scientific knowledge to human behaviour to improve mental health.

In our commitment to making mental health treatment available to all, we offer psychotherapy through video conferencing, which has been found to be as effective as traditional face-to-face psychotherapy.

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In the last month, for at least 2 weeks, have you experienced any of the following: reduced interest or pleasure, feeling down, hopeless, or depressed?
For at least 4 weeks in the past, have you often felt painfully nervous or anxious, and had difficulty controlling your worry that bad things may happen?
Have you ever felt so excited, “high” or “on top of the world”, or so irritable or angry (over a period of 4 or more consecutive days) that people thought you were not your normal self?
In the last year, have you used abused alcohol, or prescription drugs such as oxycodone, or used illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin such that it has negatively affected your life?
In the last month, have you had sudden attacks of panic or terrible fear to the extent that you avoided certain situations that might cause further attacks?
In the last month, have you felt painfully anxious or afraid in social situations like having a conversation or meeting new people, or felt uncomfortable eating or drinking in front of strangers?
Have you ever witnessed OR been threatened with OR experienced a physical or sexual assault, or witnessed or experienced a life threatening event such as major disaster or fire, combat or serious accident?
In the last month, have you been troubled by having to do or check something over and over again, or had repetitive thoughts, images, or ideas even when you didn’t want them?
In the last 3 months, have you had people mention that you were too thin, or have you had a real problem with eating large amounts of food?
For at least a 6 month period, have you continuously had significant problems with impulsivity, concentration, organization or fidgeting to the extent that it has negatively affected you at work, at school or at home?
Have you ever experienced unusual things, like seeing visions or hearing voices that happens even when you were not dreaming, not half-asleep, and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
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Our Services


We offer 50-minute psychotherapy sessions with a Masters-level clinical psychology intern. Each intern is supervised by a team of qualified, experienced clinical psychologists. Our rates are RM40 for a 50-minute psychotherapy session.

Our Therapists

Our psychotherapists are Masters-level graduate clinical psychologists carefully selected based on their commitment to public service, prior clinical experience, a demonstration of maturity, professionalism and a commitment to on-going development.

Payment and Cancellation Policies

Payment is to be made 48 hours prior to the appointment directly to Relate Malaysia.

Cancellation of appointment must be made 24 hours prior to the appointment. Clients who cancel later than 24 hours will be charged for the full session.

Our banking details are:

Payee Name: Relate Therapy
Name of Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Account No: 514123647580

Please email receipt of payment to your psychotherapist a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that involves you talking to a trained therapist about your thoughts and feelings. Unlike other medical treatments, psychotherapy is based on the collaborative relationship between an individual and a psychologist. Unlike other forms of treatment, psychotherapy is helpful anytime for anyone. You don’t need to be at the end of the road to benefit from psychotherapy. Even if you are feeling well, psychotherapy can help you identify thought patterns that affect the way you cope with stress, or even how you manage your emotions.

The psychotherapist uses clinical methods that are based on established psychological principles and research to help you make changes in your life. You work together to identify the root causes of the problems and change the thought and behaviour patterns that stop you from healthy living and feeling your best.

The evidence for the efficacy of psychological treatment is indisputable. People who receive psychotherapy do better than most people who do not (79% to be exact!). In some cases, it is preferable to have a combination of medication and psychotherapy, particularly for psychotic and chronic disorders. In other cases such as Eating Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, psychotherapy is found to be superior to only relying on medication. The benefits of therapy continue even after therapy is completed, as people use what they have learned in therapy to cope with life stress and thrive in their daily living.

Read more about psychotherapy here.

This depends on the needs and availability of the client. In general, we recommend  weekly psychotherapy sessions so you and your therapist can get to know each other and get the momentum of change going. When you are done with therapy, you are always welcome to come back in for a booster session or longer time period, as needed.

This depends on the needs and resources of the client. You should discuss your custom treatment plan with your psychotherapist; however, we recommend at least 3 months of psychotherapy, or 12 sessions.

At the moment, our training clinic only offers psychotherapy by Masters-level graduate clinical psychology interns.

If you would like to talk to a clinical psychologist, you may contact Dr. Chua Sook Ning at sookning@relate.com.my to make an appointment with her. Her rates will differ from the training clinic rates.

All our therapists have received training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This is one of the most researched and effective therapies. They also have experience with client-centered therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT).

Each therapy has a different understanding of how the psychological issue developed and the focus of the therapy. However, all effective types of psychotherapy is based on a trusting and open relationship between the therapist and the client.

Rest assured, your therapist will only use psychotherapies that have been shown to be effective in scientific research trials.

All sessions between the psychotherapist and the client will be conducted online through video conferencing.

We will get in touch with you by email or by phone call after you sign up. All subsequent communications between client and therapist will be conducted through Orchestra One.

Yes. The charges for formal assessments vary depending on the psychological instrument. We offer assessments for ADHD, Cognitive functioning, Personality and others. Please talk to your psychotherapist about the assessments we offer and the respective costs.

No, it is not necessary to install any software. We are using Zoom as our video conferencing software. You will receive a link to the virtual meeting room. The link will open up to the virtual meeting room using your internet browser. However, if you prefer, you can create your own Zoom account and install the software on your computer.

We ask that you use a pair of earphones to reduce audio feedback. Some clients also find it helpful to use an external microphone for audio clarity.

Yes. We recommend a stable internet connection with the speed of at least 5 MBPS to facilitate the transmission of video and audio information and to minimise disruptions in your psychotherapy session.

Yes. We take your confidentiality very seriously. Relate Malaysia follows the telepsychology guidelines listed by APA. The software we used to manage the practice and for videoconferencing will be HIPAA compliant. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. The software that the clinic uses must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed. Current software used for Relate Therapy:
Practice management software: Orchestra One
Videoconference software: GoToMeeting
Survey software: Qualtrics

Yes, we do offer individual as well as couples and family therapy. We charge the same amount for individual and for couples/and family therapy - RM 30 for a 50 minute session. Many couples and families find that 50 minutes is too short, in which case a double session may be needed. Please discuss with your therapist on what is the best treatment plan for you.
Please specify in the comments section of the intake form that this is the form of therapy you are interested in.

The evidence on the efficacy of text therapy is mixed. Some people find communication via email rather than videoconferencing to be helpful, while others do not. If you are still keen on text therapy, we charge RM 30 per email exchange. Please specify in the comments section of the intake form that this is the form of therapy you are interested in.